WHAT do you use it for? (Applications)

  • Quality control for RNA and DNA
  • Necessary before running libraries on the sequencers

HOW does it compare to the Bioanalyzer? (Technology)

  • Capable of analyzing genomic DNA (up to 60,000 bp)
  • Has comparable assays, including high sensitivity DNA 5000 and 1000, RNA, and high sensitivity RNA
  • Faster run times (approximately 1 minute per sample)
  • Lower cost
  • More flexibility (run 1 to 15 samples, price is scaled with the number of samples ordered)
  • Does NOT have a small RNA assay
  • Does NOT provide the same definition seen with the bioanalyzer
  • See our comparison here


WHEN would you use this over the Bioanalyzer? (Advantages)

  • When you have a large number of samples
  • When you need the data quickly
  • When you have genomic DNA that needs to be analyzed

WHERE can you learn more about this service?


WHO do you contact in CGRB? 

Sara Trainer