The Agilent TapeStation is used for RNA and DNA analysis. 

High Sensitivity D5000 DNA ScreenTape

  • D5000 ScreenTape assays for the analysis of DNA fragments or library samples from 100 to 5000 bp
  • Qualitative Range: 10-1000 pg/ul
  • Comparable to Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Chip

Genomic DNA ScreenTape

  • Genomic DNA ScreenTape assay for the analysis of genomic DNA from 200 to > 60,000 bp
  • Quantitative Range: 10 - 100 ng/µL

 RNA ScreenTape

  • RINe for accurate and objective assessment of total RNA degradation1
  • Quantitative Range: 25-500 ng/ul
  • Comparable to Bioanalyzer Nano Chip

   1 See here for how the RINe compares to the 2100 Bioanalyzer RIN

The TapeStation is run as a service. Anne-Marie Girard oversees this service

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