Sandbox title

WHAT do you use it for? (Applications)

  • Testing programs and developing code
  • Cheaper way to get started on small computing projects

HOW does it compare to the normal rental machine for processing? (Technology)

  • SANDBOX machine will have 4 processor and 8G of memory
  • Normal processing rentals have 16 processor and 128G memory
  • Normal rental machines are $74/month and SANDBOX machines are $41/month
  • See our comparison here


    Traditional Sandbox         Sandbox

WHEN would you use this over the normal rental machine machine? (Advantages)

  • When you have a small number of jobs to process and the all.q is full
  • When you need to test software without taking down a shared machine
  • When you have no idea about what your doing and want to isolate yourself from others.
  • When developing software

WHERE can you learn more about this service?

WHO do you contact in CGRB?

Chris Sullivan