Blue Pippin Blue Pippin

WHAT do you use it for? (Applications) 

  • Targeted DNA size selection for Next-Gen Sequencing.  Collect DNA fragments 100bp to >50kb or size select proteins.
  • Key downstream technologies include various Illumina sequencing technologies, single-molecule sequencing, and protein mass-spec.

HOW does it compare to traditional gel size selection? (Technology)

  • Traditional gel extractions are more time consuming, cumbersome, and costly.
  • The BluePippin produces higher quality DNA, improving downstream analysis.
  • Pre-cast agarose gel cassettes are constructed in a way that eliminates cross contamination

WHY use the BluePippin? (Advantages)

  • The CGRB houses multiple Illumina and Pacific Biosciences next generation sequencing platforms that all have applications that benefit from DNA size selection. Whether you need to remove small fragments from your library or optimize fragment lengths to get the most out of your sequencing project, our BluePippin DNA size selection service can help ensure you’re getting the most out of our sequencing platforms.

WHERE can you learn more about this service?

WHO do you contact in CGRB?

Aaron Trippe