Disaster Recovery Backups

WHAT do you use it for?  Backup Server room

Labs have the option to have their storage space backed up nightly for disaster recovery purposes.

Note: User home directories are already backed up nightly by default; lab and departmental storage are not.

HOW does it work? (Technology)

  • The CGRB maintains an offsite backup server that labs purchase storage space on to hold their backups.
  • The backup system runs nightly, performing several tasks for a lab:
    • A lab's CURRENT backup (all files being backed up) is updated to mirror what a lab currently has in production.
    • A lab's REVISIONS backup creates a timestamped directory containing all files that have been deleted or modified since the last backup.
    • An email is sent out to the lab detailing backup statistics, notices, and warnings.
  • The CGRB also maintains a website where labs can audit historical information about their backups.

WHO do you contact in the CGRB?

Contact Chris Sullivan to begin discussing the purchase of additional storage for the CGRB's backup server.

Contact Matthew Peterson for details on how the backup system is setup and works for your lab.