On the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Teaching Facility (ACTF), learners and instructors explore computation at the big-data end of the spectrum, in topics ranging from Bioinformatics to Data Science.

The ACTF, hosted by the CGRB, provides high-performance-computing resources dedicated to instructional needs. These include:

  • 300+ CPU cores across multiple high-core-count, high-memory machines
  • 2+ TB of RAM
  • 100+ TB of networked, high-speed ZFS file space
  • 10GbE network throughout
  • GPU-Compute resources
  • Web-hosting resources
  • Software management for instruction
  • One-on-one support for instructors

To inquire about utilizing the ACTF for your course, or guidance on developing curricula to most effectively use these high-performance resources, please contact the trainers.


Student Projects (utilizing the ACTF)

Grape Gene Coexpression Analysis: Martin Pearce, Aayushi Manchanda, and Yvonne Chang, mentored by Laurent Deluc

Coexpression HeatmapCoexpression NetworkUsing a systems biology approach, Martin, Aayushi, and Yvonne analyzed gene expression data from three tissues of grape berries (skin, pulp and seed) with Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis (WGCNA) to identify hub genes and modules associated with ripening processes.

Tree Stem Segmentation Using OctNet: Robert Schriver and Chu Qi

Trees annotated imageUtilizing GPU-enabled deep learning, this project aimed to automatically identify and measure tree trunks from images for forest management purposes.