As much as we can help, we recognize that for most topics, members of the broad CGRB community are the "experts in the field," and more often than not we know who those experts are! We will be sure to connect you with the lab or person that has previously cleared the path for the analysis or data you are facing.   One way we connect people is through the Bioinformatics Users' Group (BUG), which meets for an hour, every two weeks.

BUG consists of life scientists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, statisticians, and researchers of all types who meet to discuss topics related to these fields of study.

  • No experience necessary to participate
  • Informal: discussions and interactive-talks
  • Short workshops
  • Bring/request your own topics of interest

Previous topics include Hidden Markov Models, SNP Calling toolkits, Metagenomics, Structured Query Language (SQL), De-novo genome assembly tools, Project management, and many more.

To join the BUG mailing list please subscribe or contact the CGRB Bioinformatics Trainers.

Wednesdays from 12-1pm online via Zoom

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January 6

Coffee hour with the CGRB; have questions or need help troubleshooting your analyses? Join the CGRB analysts and trainers for an informal / open floor Q&A relating to anything under the umbrella of Bioinformatics and/or Biocomputing!
- Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing

January 20

DNA soup: Utilizing insect samples and DNA metabarcoding to investigate biodiversity and disease
- Aimee Massey (Levi Lab, Fisheries and Wildlife)

February 3

Demography and Clinal Adaptation along the Fundulus heteroclitus Species Range: Inferences from Problematic Sequence Data
- David Dayan (O’Malley Lab, Fisheries and Wildlife)

February 17

Molecular Methods for Wildlife Detection and Conservation
- Emily Dziedzic (Levi Lab, Fisheries and Wildlife)

March 3

Pacbio flye assembly and comparison of several Biomphalaria strains and species 
- Stephanie Bollmann (Blouin Lab, Integrative Biology)