2019 Fall Conference Wrap-up

Congratulations to our winners! To all the participants and presenters, another thank you for your contributions. We look forward to welcoming the CGRB Community to the 2020 Spring Conference on April 24, 2020.

Undergraduate Poster: Kelsey Shimoda “Altering metabolic gene expression in fruit flies: effects on longevity and brain aging”
Graduate Poster:            Benjamin Americus “Elegant Infection Machines: Nematocyst diversification within Myxozoa”
                                           Daniel Schneck “Phenotypic and transcriptional responses to different light regimes in allopatric populations of Tigriopus californicus”
                                           Manoj Gurung “Lactobacilli ameliorate western diet induced diabetes by preventing hepatic mitochondrial damage”
                                           Miranda Leek “A Biochemical and Biophysical Investigation into the Pathological Gain-of-Function of Nitrated Hsp90”
                                           Rebecca Veitch “Exposure to Light at Night Alters DNA Methylation and Expression of Proliferative and DNA Damage Repair Genes”
Post-Doc Poster :             Allie Graham “Independent losses of the Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF) Pathway within Crustacea”
Lightning Talks:                Eileen Chow “Daily blue light exposure accelerates aging in Drosophila melanogaster”

Raffle drawing for voting in all categories:             1st place - Miranda Leek
                                                                                       2nd place - Alexandre Sathler