The HDS program is committed to fostering an environment where campus-wide researchers with an interest in HDS-related research can meet, discuss thoughts and ideas, and collaborate. A series of monthly forums is currently scheduled to advance this goal, and support from an Advisory Committee--whose members represent a wide range of health data related research in public health, pharmacy, engineering, computer science and veterinary medicine--has greatly assisted in this process

The monthly events will allow researchers to share experiences about work in progress regarding health data methods, resources, regulatory issues; novel datasets; and development of new tools/software for health research. Faculty and students across campus and affiliates are welcome. 

The initial event is scheduled for 3:15pm-4:15pm Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, at the Hallie Ford Center, Room 115. The HDS Community will begin with a session of flash talks from four members of the planning committee:

  • Denise Hynes (CPHHS, CGRB) - Using the AHRQ Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Data to Examine Mental Health in Veterans, i.e. Re-Using a national public health dataset to address important questions
  • Joe Agor – (College of Engineering) - Analysis and use of longitudinal electronic health record data for personalized medicine, i.e. Health care data is messy but can be used to personalize medicine for each individual patient
  • Yumie Takata – (CPHHS) - Epidemiological data for diet and disease association studies, i.e. Diet, Disease and Dietary Recommendations’
  • Diana Govier – (CPHHS) - Healthcare Claims Data for Research, i.e. What's in it, what questions can we answer, and what can we supplement it with?

The event will also be streamed online at, and will be available to download for those unable to attend online or in-person.

We look forward to a great first session, and hope to see you there!