Software Carpentry Software/Data Carpentry

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry have come to campus at Oregon State University through a collaboration with the CGRB, the School of Engineering and Library Data Sciences.

WHAT is it? (Applications) 

  • Software and Data Carpentry are part of a grassroots effort to encourage peer-to-peer training in the basic lab skills and best practices for computational research.  The workshops offered cover a wide variety of disciplines (economics, ecology, next generation sequencing data, library science) with the basic theme of enabling beginners to comfortably approach problem solving in a computational environment.  

  • Software Carpentry teaches best practices in software development (Unix, R, Python) while Data Carpentry focuses on the introductory computational skills needed for data management and analysis in all domains of research.  All workshops are designed for people who have no prior computational experience with an emphasis on creating a collegial atmosphere where researchers can learn to navigate the challenges of data driven discovery.

WHERE can you learn more about this?

The next series of Software Carpentry workshops will be offered in September, 2017, hosted by the CGRB.  Watch our website for more details.

Interested in learning more about the “Carpentries” and other informal computational learning opportunities on campus?  Join our google group: Google Group and check in with the Study Groups page hosted by Steve Van Tuyl at the library.  We also have a bi-weekly meeting, called the Bioinformatics Users Group, which has a listserv advertising the upcoming topics.

WHO do you contact in CGRB?

Adelaide Rhodes

Several of the CGRB staff are currently certified as Software and/or Data Carpentry instructors.  Adelaide Rhodes is certified in both and has offered workshops at UC Davis, Friday Harbor Labs and Hatfield Marine Science Center.  Matthew Peterson and Shawn O’Neil have recently become Software Carpentry certified and are organizing a Fall workshop at the CGRB.  Ian Munoz, our newest computation  is Data Carpentry certified and has offered economics-based workshops at the Federal Reserve.