Instructions for ENROLLING in the Biological Data Sciences Minor

1. Discuss your plans with the BLDS advisor, Brett Tyler, in-person or by email.
    If you would like to meet with Brett Tyler in-person, contact Lynn Thompson for an appointment.

2. Identify a professor who will represent the BLDS minor on your graduate committee.

  • This person must be a faculty member of the minor, cannot be in the same department/school as your major professor, and cannot be your GCR.
  • Faculty are listed at
  • If you want a minor professor who is not listed, contact Brett Tyler so they can be invited to join the minor.

3. Complete the BLDS Advising worksheet and have it signed by

  • Your major professor
  • The BLDS advisor, Brett Tyler
  • Your BLDS minor professor

4. Complete a program of study (either new or revised) showing the courses to be taken for the minor (see special instructions for this) and have it signed by your committee members, including your minor professor.

  • Do NOT use the Petition for Change form as it does not have a way to show which courses are providing dual credit towards your major and minor

5. Submit the new signed program of study to the graduate school

Instructions for ADDING BLDS to your Ph.D. or M.S. Program of Study

1. See examples  Ph.D.     M.S.

2. Check “First Minor” and enter “BLDS Biological Data Sciences”

3. In the boxes on the right list ALL the courses for which you are claiming credit for the BLDS minor.

  • If you don’t have enough space, use the second box or use another copy of the form
  • For courses taken for BLDS, but not your major, enter the grade (or leave blank if not taken yet)
  • For courses taken for BLDS and your major, enter an asterisk in the grade field and mark underneath “* See major”. You will list your grade in the field for the major.

4. Note that the capstone class “Collaborative Problem Solving in Biological Data Sciences” (abbreviated Col Pr Sol Biol D S) may change department depending on who is teaching it (e.g. BOT 599 in 2017; MB 599 in Spring 2018)

4. Be sure to indicate which course you took to satisfy the Ethical Research Training requirement of BLDS, e.g. MCB 557: Scientific Skills and Ethics (note that an online Citi course does not satisfy this requirement)