What is HDI?

Both the CAHIIM and the AMIA have offered their definitions of health informatics:

CAHIIM: Health informatics is an interprofessional specialty that exists at the confluence of three major domains: health, information science and technology, and social and behavioral science. As with all other health professions, health informatics is the practice of using data, information, and knowledge for clinical care, scientific inquiry, decision making, and problem solving to improve the health, safety, and effectiveness of those working and being cared for within the system of health care delivery.

AMIA: Informatics is the intersection between the work of stakeholders across the health and healthcare delivery system who seek to improve outcomes, lower costs, increase safety and promote the use of high-quality services. Often confused with data science, big data, health information management and data analytics, informatics is the overarching field of study that pulls all these subdomains into one discipline focused on improving health and healthcare.

More information from AMIA can also be found here.


Upcoming NIH Webinar on New Data Management and Sharing Draft Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is holding a 90-minute informational webinar Monday, December 16, about updating its policy on data sharing. This is the first update since 2003, and the webinar will provide an overview of the Draft NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and Supplemental Draft Guidance. This 2019 draft Policy follows release of an initial Request for Information in 2018, asking for input from stakeholders. AMIA submitted detailed and comprehensive comments to the initial draft proposal in late 2018 and we will be compiling a response to this new draft Policy over the coming weeks.