NanoDropThe NanoDrop ND-1000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate analyses of samples as small as 1µl. You must schedule a time period to use it. Users are required to provide pipets, pipet tips and gloves.

 The ND-1000 has the following characteristics:

  • full-spectrum UV-Vis absorbance analyses (220-750nm)
  • for measuring absorbance of DNA, RNA, dyes, proteins and microbial cell culture OD
  • 1 µl of sample
  • Large dynamic range: 2-3700 ng/µl of dsDNA
  • No dilutions for most samples
  • No cuvettes or capillaries
  • 10 second measurement
  • Small size: 20cm X 15cm X 12cm

The Nanodrop is available in ALS 2156. Codes are needed at all times to enter the room. See staff to obtain a code. Data may be emailed to yourself.

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