Sample Dropoff/Pickup RequestSubmitting Resumption Form to CGRB Web Order System 

CGRB support for Resuming On-Site and Field-Based Research Activities

Quick start guide to resuming use of CGRB services


1. Get your project approved by your college using the Research Resumption Form .

2. Submit a request for approval to use CGRB services or facilities. You’ll need to include your approved Resumption form, the college approval (e.g. an email), and an estimate of the kinds, numbers and frequency of requests.

3. Request an appointment to drop-off samples. You’ll need to upload your CGRB approval.


Detailed Instructions

In line with guidance from OSU’s Research Office, the following policies will be in place for projects requiring the use of CGRB facilities.

  1. Ongoing projects that have already been approved to be conducted in support of critical functions will continue to be supported.
  2. From June 14 onwards, new or previously suspended projects that require use of CGRB on-site facilities (including shared instruments; see special procedures below) will require approval by both the relevant college or the Research Office (for Centers and Institutes)  and also by the CGRB and the Research Office, as detailed at College approval should be sought prior to requesting CGRB/RO approval. Please plan ahead accordingly.
  3. From June 14 onwards, new or previously suspended projects that do NOT require use of CGRB on-site facilities (e.g. use of computing facilities or bioinformatics services) will require approval by the relevant college/RO as detailed at CGRB/RO approval will not be required for these projects, but documentation of college (RO for Center or Institute researchers) approval will be required.
  4. When arranging to use CGRB services, you will be asked to provide documentation that the work is pre-approved and ongoing or has been newly approved. If approval was provided via an email, please provide a PDF copy of the email along with your approved Research Resumption Form.
  5. The above policies may change at any time in response to updated guidance from the university or state.

Multiuser Room Guidelines

In order to follow University guidelines because of the COVID19 emergency the CGRB is implementing new rules and regulations for all the Multiuser room users.

1.  There will be only one person allowed into the Multiuser room, ALS 2156, at the time.

2.  Access will only be provided to essential and approved research. Refer to

3.  All calendars are overlaid for the Multiuser room .  Sign up on the calendar for your instrument as usual in a time spot that doesn't conflict with others. After reserving time, check to make sure you will be the only person in that time slot.

4.   To limit traffic on the second floor and to enable fair access to all, you are requested to sign-up for 30 minutes at a time.  If you will need more than two consecutive 30 minute time slots please contact Felipe Arredondo.

5. Masks and other appropriate PPE must be worn at all times.

6. Door codes will expire on 6/25/2020

7.  Place an online request a new code and access to the room calendar from Felipe Arredondo, upon confirming your project's approval status with him and accepting our usage policy. Other core staff will not be handling access to that room. Door Codes can ONLY be requested online; in-person requests will not be accepted.

Research Resumption Approval order

(edited for alignment with CGRB procedure)

  • Researchers who are primarily affiliated with a specific College/Center/Institute but require access to facilities associated with the CGRB
  • Research approval will be provided by college leadership (Dean or a delegate, such as an Associate Dean for Research). After that approval, one lead PI will send to the CGRB Director for review.
  • CGRB Facility approval: After college approval, Director CGRB reviews; if the research is approved and the Director confirms it can meet all seven requirements; the Director will approve, convert all materials into one PDF, place into the assigned Box folder named “C&I Research Approved” and notify college leadership and the PI.
  • If the research does not meet all seven requirements, a risk mitigation plan will be provided by the PI. The CGRB Director will provide a recommendation, convert all documentation into one PDF, and place into the assigned Box folder named “C&I Research for Approval”.
  • AVPR will discuss with the VPR, who will review and provide a decision for those research projects not meeting all seven requirements. College leadership, the CGRB Director, and the PI will be notified.