Qiagen TissueLyserThe CGRB Core Facility’s DNA/RNA extraction service employs the Qiagen TissueLyser for tissue homogenization.  Sample tissues must be submitted in the corresponding collection microtubes and caps (Qiagen cat# 19560) that fit the TissueLyser adapter plates.  If need be, they are supplied for purchase on the extraction weborder site, and can be picked up from our Core Lab. 

Tissue submitted for extraction must be in the appropriate weight range of 30-50mg, and can be either fresh or lyophilized.  Samples can be dropped off and are stored in the middle compartment of the -80°C freezer until processed.    

Sample Dropoff

  • Submit order online.
  • Supply 30-50mg samples in clearly marked plates of microtubes (Qiagen cat#19560).
  • Make sure the sample plate ID matches the plate ID names/numbers entered in the weborder.  Please include name of investigator and weborder number on the corresponding sample plates submitted.
  • Bring your samples to ALS 3012. 
  • Samples go in our -80°C freezer in the middle bay on the third shelf from the top. 
  • For timely processing, let us know your samples have arrived.

Picking up DNA/RNA

  • Upon completion, extractions are stored on the bottom shelf of the -80°C freezer.
  • Completed extractions will be clearly labeled to correspond to the sample plate submitted and order number assigned.
  • An email notification will be sent to the contacts submitted in the weborder that the extracts are ready for pick-up.
  • Come by anytime during business hours to pick up DNA/RNA.

The KingFisher Flex is run as a service.  Contact Katie Carter for additional information.