Select Tape Type

Tape Type Concentration in Water Max Sample Buffer Strength Samples Per Tape Minimum Volume Needed to Submit
High Sensitivity D5000 DNA Qualitative: 10-1000 pg/ul 25mM KCl
25mM Tris-HCl
2.5mM Guanidine-HCl
12.5mM NaCl
5mM Acetate
2.5mM MgCl2
2.5mM BSA
15 4 ul
Genomic DNA Quantitative: 10 - 100 ng/µL   15 2 ul
RNA Quantitative: 25-500 ng/ul 200 mM Tris
20 mM EDTA
50 mM NaCl
15 2 ul

RNA samples are denatured prior to loading on the instrument.

Sample Dropoff

  • Submit samples online.
  • Make sure sample names or numbers on tubes match the order names or sample ID numbers
  • Supply samples in clearly marked 0.2 ml tubes
  • Bring your samples to ALS 3012
  • Put your samples in one of our submission boxes with a slip of paper containing your name, your PI's name, date and Order ID#
  • Samples go in our -80°C freezer on the second shelf from the top
  • For timely processing, let us know your samples have arrived

Select Service Type

We offer per sample options for the High Sensitivity D5000 and Genomic DNA tapes. Full tape options are available for the High Sensitivity D5000, Genomic DNA and RNA Assays. Samples will be run as scheduling permists, generally within 1-3 business days. If you need results sooner, please contact us.

The TapeStation is run as a service. Katie Carter oversees this service