Zeiss 780 NLO confocal system UPGRADED

A new main beam splitter was installed on our Zeiss 780 NLO confocal system.  This will allow the use of four different lasers 458/514/561/633 simultaneously.  This should more easily allow the use of CFP, YFP, mCherry, and  a far red FP or similarly excited dyes at the same time. If you need more information or training in its use, please contact Anne-Marie Girard.

Core Facility Acknowledgement: BioTechniques New Policy

BioTechniques: the International Journal of Life Science Methods has just announced a new policy regarding attribution of core facilities in publications.  Their new policy is that submitted manuscripts should include acknowledgement of any use of core facilities.  The journal will now ask authors du

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Significant changes to Illumina HiSeq 2000 sample preparation

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