Industry Relevant Training and Research Experiences for Biomedical Engineering and Data Science Students

A partnership between OHSU, OSU, and the Oregon-Bio’s BioPro training program brings unique and complementary strengths that build a sum greater than the parts: OSU, with the State’s most extensive engineering and bioinformatics programs is providing strong foundations to the nearly 1,000 students in these disciplines and from whom capable and motivated participants will be drawn. OHSU provides the mentoring and environment for students to gain their first experiences of biomedical applications. Oregon Bio has a proven record in ascertaining industry needs and in delivery of training for the commercial sector.

Key Partnership Activities:

  1. Integration of industry-oriented BioPro short courses into the new transdisciplinary curricula (including ecampus courses) being offered by OSU and OHSU
  2. An industry internship program for undergraduate and graduate students from OSU and OHSU
  3. An annual conference that brings together scientists and students from OSU, OHSU, and Oregon bioscience companies

Internship applications are now CLOSED for undergraduate student positions.   

Internship applications are OPEN for graduate students.  For full consideration, please apply by March 27.  After that date, applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis until positions are filled. 

    Apply for the internship program (summer 2017)

Internship requirements 

3.00 GPA or higher

Internship application

You will be asked to submit a brief statement (a few sentences) regarding why this internship will be an important step towards accomplishing your career goals.
Application also requires upload of pdf documents – Resume, Unofficial Transcript and Reference List (with contact information for up to three references). 

Please convert all documents to a pdf prior to uploading and use the requested file name format:

  • LastnameFirstname _Resume.pdf
  • LastnameFirstname_Transcript
  • LastnameFirstname_References

Internship timeline

Employer screening and interviews of undergraduate students in March & April and of graduate students in April. All hiring agreements to be finalized by May 15 at the latest. Recommended 10-week internship timeframe – June 26- September 1st (actual dates may be somewhat flexible).

    Apply for the internship program (summer 2017)

Program Partners:


Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing Department of Biomedical Engineering  
School of Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering    
Bioengineering Ph.D. Program    
Graduate Minor in Biological Data Science    
Undergraduate Major in Bioinformatics & Data Science