Deep Learning and the Life Sciences workshop

We’ve got an exciting offering coming up: in collaboration with IBM and ICBO 2018, we’re hosting a “Deep Learning in the Life Sciences” workshop, scheduled for the afternoon of August 10th through August 12th here at OSU. 

This workshop will be a hands-on introduction presented by an IBM deep learning specialist, including worked examples and helpers circulating to answer questions. The afternoon of August 10th is scheduled as a “pre-workshop” led by CGRB trainers to review background topics (including accessing cloud resources and review of Python and Jupyter Notebooks). Other topics include:

Overview of HPC and Distributed Computing for Deep Learning

  • Introduction to Linear Regression
  • Introduction to Tensorflow
  • Logistic Regression, Multinomial Logistic Regression, Softmax Regression
  • Introduction to Fully Connected Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks, ImageNet, and CAFFE
  • Recurrent Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Models
  • Example Application: DNA Sequence Analysis for Protein Prediction
  • Example Application: Mining Health Analytics Data
  • Example Application: Natural Language Processing

Logistical details (housing, food) and registration details can be found here:

In addition, the CGRB and ICBO are offering a number of half-off scholarships to students and early-career professionals. See the information page for application details.