Benny Beaver w/Seq the Beav signTIME LINE

2015 Sept/Oct Crowd-funding campaign Completed/Successful
2016 Feb DNA Sequencing Sequencing completed Feb 21, 2016.  We received 450 giga basepairs of DNA.
2016 April RNA Expression

On April 11, we obtained beaver samples for the RNA expression analysis.  They are being prepared to go into the Illumina sequencing machine.

2016 Summer Genome anlaysis  









The human genome project has dramatically increased our knowledge of human biology and opened the door to many new medical treatments. Genome projects for plants and animals such as wheat, soybeans, horses and dogs have similarly expanded our knowledge of these organisms. However, Oregon State University’s mascot, the American Beaver, as yet has no genome project! OSU’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing is setting out to change that. A genome project for Benny the Beaver would greatly increase our knowledge of this industrious engineer and the benefits it contributes to Oregon’s forest and stream ecosystems. The project would also raise awareness among the children and grownups of the Beaver Nation about the contributions that genome science and OSU’s researchers make to understanding our environment.

The crowd-sourcing campaign ran September 16 - October 30, 2015 and was successful in raising the $30,000 needed to sequence the beaver genome.

Seq the Beav! campaign's official VIDEO

The campaign's official theme song:  SONG  and  WORDS

     Song written by Kevin Ahern
     Kevin Ronkko - Lead Vocal and Percussion Rack
     Darrell McElmury - Rhythm Guitar and Dobro
     Colleen Kitchen Dick - Keyboards & Background Vocal Harmonies

A VIDEO from the campaign's official beaver expert, Vanessa Petro, Faculty Research Assistant, Forest Ecosystems & Society